Our Sales Cycle

1.Thorough property inspections are carried out to correspond details submitted by seller while also conducting a photo shoot complementing all ends of the property for marketing transparency. 

2.Information gathered is then uploaded to the BMOS customized software to record and track client pitching and lead conversions. 

3.Attractive and marketable materials are designed using information gathered. 

4.Marketing materials are submitted to the clients for approval and comprehensive crosschecking. 

5.Upon client approval, marketing materials are uploaded on the BMOS website and networking applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube while using Lanka Property Web for marketing as a value addition too. 

6.All client interests and inquiries are handled through the BMOS agent site followed by PDF property proposals to those genuinely interested. 

7.Upon further interest on properties. - Course of action will be taken to share documents and other details on properties and legal procedures. - Effective communication will be handled until conclusion of deal regardless of a successful deal conversion.